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Boost Supplement

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  • More than 470 genes analysed
  • 120 ingredients considered
  • 100% customised to your needs and lifestyle

Reima(gene) your health with Boost.

Generic nutritional guidelines and the one size fits all approach are growing out of trend. We understand it can be a hassle to consume a variety of different supplements daily which may not even be palatable.

Unlike fixed dosages found in off the shelf supplements that can result in deficiencies and overdosing, Boost is a single and convenient powder supplement that is fully customised based on your DNA profile and lifestyle factors. This limits unnecessary work by your liver and kidneys. When consumed daily, Boost provides accurate dosages that fit your nutritional requirements.

* Please purchase Boost through this only if you have completed your formulation test with us

* Colours may vary due to oxidation.

Singapore Made

Customised For You

470 Genes Analysed

1 Supplement, 120 Ingredients Considered

Simplify your supplement routine with a fully customised daily supplement that fits your nutritional requirements. All these done with the power of your DNA. There is no need to buy multiple bottles of supplements anymore.

100% customised for you. No rubbish 

We analyse more than 470 genes and consider 120 ingredients to build a 100% unique and customised daily supplement suited to your needs and lifestyle.

ZERO Calories

Perfect for weight management, achieve your fitness goals and meet your nutritional needs with ZERO guilt.

Delicious Flavours

Choose from 3 delicious flavours available - Pineapple, Orange and Mixed Berries. Just FYI, Mixed Berries is our favourite.

Just $99/mth