Specific and Relevant Technology

Our genetics analytics platform was built by leading scientists using a wide collection of Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS) and genetic markers. We understand that genetic data sets differ between ancestral populations and risk prediction methods cannot be standardized for all consumers of different ancestry. Hence, our ancestry-based genetic risk analytics system enhances result accuracy by first considering your ancestry and ethnically relevant data sets.

We use Illumina Genotyping Array technology and Principal Component Analysis (PCA) for our genotyping and genetic assessment technology. Subsequently, we use array kits that are specific and relevant for your wellness reporting. For example, one microarray kit we use is the Infinium Asian Screening Array (ASA) which was built using an East Asian reference panel containing 9000 whole-genome sequences. This includes coverage of populations that were underrepresented in other genome projects. This ensures that the technology we use is specific and relevant to your demographic.

We select our GWAS and genetic markers with similar ancestry to find relevant reference genetic variants in building our computational genomics platform. This patented ancestry-based analytics platform uses a trait-associated variants database and compares your genetic variation against relevant reference points to enhance genetic assessment accuracy.

Precise and Secure

Our Illumina Genotyping Array technology covers only less than 0.5% of your entire DNA and we only analyze what is important concerning your wellness traits. It is a powerful and cost-effective tool that combines genome-wide coverage of specific populations with relevant information. Unlike other providers who use extensive coverage of genetic data points, we carefully select only the genetic markers that are important concerning your wellness traits. 

We understand that your DNA information contains sensitive information. We do not sell or lease your genetic information to third party providers for use. The power of your genetic information lies in you and we believe that you should be in full control of your genetic information and who it is shared with. Your security is also of utmost importance to us. We ensure that our security infrastructure is compliant with international security standards and we encrypt all information, data and reports with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

Synergistic Platform

Everyone is unique with different genetic variations and lifestyle habits. We believe that genetics, lifestyle factors and wellness products work together in maintaining human health. By conducting genetic sequencing and through bioinformatics analysis, we dive deeper into your genetic variation and discover your predisposed risks such as nutrient deficiencies.

The beauty of our technology lies in the synergy between your lifestyle questionnaire, the genetics analytics platform and recommended requirements. This 3-point synergy work hand in hand to help discover your unique profile and allows us to create products that are customised to your genetic profile and lifestyle factors; preventing nutrient deficiencies and overdosing.