step by step for saliva collection

We are glad to have you, rest assured your DNA is safe with us.

  • DO NOT eat, drink, smoke or chew gum for 30 minutes before saliva collection.

  • Wash your hands with soap or rub with hand sanitiser.

  • Remove the kit from the packaging and attach the funnel to the collection tube.

  • Spit directly into the collection tube through the funnel, up to the 4ml marker.

  • Pour the preservation solution from the prefilled tube into the collection tube through the same funnel.

  • Remove the funnel andscrew the cap onto the collection tube.

  • Gently invert the collection tube 5 times to mix the saliva and the preservation solution.

  • Place the collection tube into the poly mailer bag. Seal the poly mailer bag and arrange for courier pick up.

How to return your saliva sample


Arrange for courier pick up immediately after saliva collection. The preservation solution keeps your sample stable for only 7 days.


Kindly assist to pack your sample into the box and then into the poly mailer provided. We will email you the courier consignment label. You will have to print the label and attach it for collection.


When sealed in the poly mailer bag, store at room temperature (20°C - 30°C). Keep away from direct heat or sunlight to prevent null results.


Discard the funnel and empty the preservation solution tube hygienically. You are advised to place these items in a ziplock bag and seal it before disposal.