What We Do

EternaLife offers you the opportunity to unlock parts of your genetic profile and take advantage of the information to change your health for the better. We provide bespoke solutions through genetic testing that are easy and affordable to incorporate into your everyday life.

What Sets Us Apart

Our ancestry-based genetic risk analytics platform first determines your ancestry before our bioinformatics selects genetic markers relevant to your wellness traits. Unlike other providers in the market, we use genotyping technology that is specifically catered to your demographic for increased result accuracy. Read more about our technology to understand how we take the leading front and use cutting edge technology to help you achieve your best health.


We understand that your DNA information contains sensitive information. We do not sell or lease your genetic information to third party providers for use. The power of your genetic information lies in you and we believe that you should be in full control of your genetic information and who it is shared with.

Want to Know More?

If you like what we do and find yourself wanting to do more with your most valued possession, your DNA, check out EternaDNA for more services we provide to aid you in the journey towards better health and even reversing your body’s biological age.

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