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EternaLife offers you the opportunity to unlock parts of your genetic profile and take advantage of the information to change your health for the better. We offer customised healthcare that are convenient, affordable and suited to your unique profile.

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○ More than 470 genes analysed

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Why EternaLife?

  • All-In-One

    Our products are convenient and easy to incorporate into your busy schedule. Our one-stop solution means there is no longer a need for multiple products, multiple times a day.

  • What You Need

    We provide the easiest solution if you are seeking improvements in your health. Our customisation ensures that only relevant ingredients are used which best suits your unique profile and lifestyle.

  • Leave It To Us

    We do the homework so you can save time, money and the hassle. With customisation, there is no need for trial and error with generic products.

leading technology, accurate customisation

Precision Technology

We use a specific genotyping array technology that considers your ancestry and demographic while finding relevant reference genetic variants through genetic analysis.

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Security Guaranteed

We only sequence what is required for your genetic analysis. Our security infrastructure is compliant with international security standards and we encrypt all sensitive information.

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Synergistic Platform

Our technology encompasses a 3-points strategy: your genetic profile, current lifestyle factors and recommended requirements. These considerations helps us create customised products that suits only you.

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How It Works

1. Choose Your Product

Choose from our range of customised solutions

2. Saliva Collection

A simple and painless collection kit that can be done comfortably at home

3. DNA Test

We send your DNA sample for analysis to a world class facility for processing

4. Formulation

We formulate your fully customised products based on your DNA and lifestyle

5. Delivery

Your products will be delivered to your home

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Common Questions

Your DNA makes you unique and different. Similar to how we look different, there exist numerous genetic variations that are not observable in our bodies. Genetic testing allows us to unlock and discover your profile. Our genetic sequencing, bioinformatics and comprehensive questionnaire work synergistically to discover your genetic profile and lifestyle factors. 

EternaLife carries out genotyping where we look for specific areas in the DNA where we know will contain important information. This is a great technology when we know the locations, genetic variants and what it means. Genotyping is a cost-effective tool that combines genome-wide coverage of specific populations with relevant information

EternaLife forms a part of EternaDNA. EternaDNA carries out Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) which can sequence your entire stretch of DNA. This looks at your entire DNA sequence as opposed to merely pockets of it. This can help unlock characteristics beyond your wellness traits.

EternaDNA also provides services to help store your DNA. This is important as what we know today is certainly of value but bioinformatics is consistently evolving. As your DNA does not change and while we gain more expertise in genetic interpretation, your stored DNA can provide new insights and discoveries for you in the future.

Lastly, EternaDNA provides services and product options such as nutritional consultancy, fitness and tracking technology to ensure you stall or even reverse your biological age.

Unlike other genetic testing providers, our ancestry-based genetic risk analytics system enhances result accuracy by first considering your ancestry and ethnically relevant data sets. We use array kits such as the Infinium Asian Screening Array (ASA) which was built using an East Asian reference panel containing 9000 whole-genome sequences. This ensures that your genotypic sequences and bioinformatics are specific and relevant to your demographic.

Our genetic sequencing covers only important genetic markers that show your wellness traits. As DNA information is sensitive, we limit the coverage while providing you with the most amount of information. Lastly, EternaLife offers you product solutions through Boost and Vitality to help you with better health. Furthermore, if you opt for a genetic report, we will provide you with personalized recommendations and diet plans for your nutritional needs and skincare.